Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here we go.

Okay, the contest is officially under way. Starting tomorrow, look for daily progress reports from Matt, Mark, Bill (who likes to call himself the other Bill), and me. Chris may be joining us halfway through this circus, and write fast enough to make up for lost time. Look for his reports to begin at mid February. Mine should go up about this time every morning.
     I got a good start today, even after being a bit too wired to get right to sleep on time last night. But I was up at 7, out the door for my daily constitutional by 10 after, and back by about 8:10. Alarms are programmed into my super phone to keep me to my daily schedule.
     I am so going to ace this marathon battle of will, endurance and dedication.
     Unless of course I get well and truly beaten.
     A standard progress report will look like this:

Progress Report for Saturday, Jan 31st.

Prose work completed: 0 Words.

Comic work completed: 0 Pages.

Notes: Besides being good for me in a general health way, the morning walk turns out to be an excellent moment to think over my plans for the day, so that I'm not sitting down at the computer first thing every morning with no firm idea of where I intend to begin.

(Of course I intend to have actual values filled in for prose and comics starting tomorrow.)

It's ten minutes to writing time. Gotta go.

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