Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Progress Report, Day Ten. Feb 10

A truly excellent day today!

Prose Writing: 331 Words.

Comics Writing: 13 Pages.

Notes: The three mile walk today was so cold that I had the sniffles all day. If I've given myself a cold I will be pretty mad at myself. Got a truly heroic amount of work done though, in addition to doing some phone business with Shelly, an interview with Wizard Magazine about the upcoming Great Fables Crossover, and some other stuff.
     The prose work was just some more correcting, polishing and tweaking. The comics work was seven pages of a House of Mystery short tale that I've owed to Angela Rufino for too long now. It's my story for issue 13, all the stories of which (including stories from Matt and from Chris) have to do with the number 13. I had trouble finding a way to exploit the theme that I thought was good enough. Then, during my walk today, I hit upon the story almost fully detailed all in one inspirational rush. It's about a man looking for the perfect 13th wedding anniversary gift for his wife. The other six comics pages wrapped up my eleven pages (Matt also did eleven -- we don't double count the issues we write together) of the last of the fourth issue Matt and I wrote for our JSA run.
     I think tomorrow there's a Fables page or two to finish up an issue, and then I switch back to all prose mode for a day or three.
     Hoo! Hah!

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