Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb 10- ...next

Day Ten, I finished the first pass on the Skittlebones novella and it clocks in at 22K words. Too long for a short story, but perfect for a bundle of similar-sized stuff. I may post it under my banner, Comicocracy, after I take another pass at it.

Skittlebones- 3279 words

Tomorrow, I start on a story about Jink called The Servants of Tournada. And I am totally winging it with a mere half-page of notes. Rough notes at that.


  1. On a completely non-writing realated bent, I'm actually following Bill Z. W's post pictures closely.

    This is a true representation of his "Red Period" I can see the rage building up to an explosive climax.

    The look in is eyes is challenging the reader, as if to say, "What'd you say about me?"

    On a completely side note, I gotta get outta this house more often.

  2. The photo actually reflects that I work in a spare room in my house that is outfitted to exactly duplicate living conditions on a submarine.