Thursday, February 19, 2009

Progress Report, Day Nineteen

Today was a pretty productive day. Now if I will only start working on the projects that are most pressing, I might have a more sanguine attitude about the results.

Prose Writing: 651 Words.

Comics Writing: 13 Pages.

The prose work was just noodling mostly. Getting down a few lines that occurred to me when I wasn't actively trying to think about the various prose projects in various stages of production. But what the hell. Advancing the ball just a bit is better than not at all, or losing ground.
     The comics work was mostly on a new project that I can't mention yet. I was thinking about what I needed to do for the books I need to produce pages for, like JSA and Jack and Fables and The Literals, and that sparked some ideas for a project that isn't quite so pressing. So I did just a few pages of that, just to get the thing started. "Just to make sure I could find my way into the story," as Sturges might say. And doing those pages gave me an idea for Fables # 86, the non Bucky-drawn single story issue that immediately follows the Great Fables Crossover, and so I did some pages of that.
     But I swear, Matt and Shelly and other interested parties, that tomorrow I will do the pages I most need to do in the order in which they are most needed.


  1. Congrats on passing the 100k word mark for the contest!


  2. And 20 comic book pages in a day = 10 points since that would get you to 10k, just fyi. I don't know if that's possible, but hey, ya never know! :)