Friday, February 13, 2009

Progress Report, Day Thirteen

Two low-output days back to back. This doesn't bode well. Sturges is right on my heels and, in just a day or two, Roberson is poised to enter the race in full vigor.

Prose Writing: 2,593 Words.

Comics Writing: 1 Page.

Notes: Another less than fully productive day. Can I blame this on the ravages of Friday the 13th? No? Well, this time it was due to more research and outlining for the last big drive to finish up my superhero prose story, which will appear in the same anthology in which we'll find Matt's story. Roberson is due to have a tale in the same collection too, if I recall correctly. I may post a snippet of this one, but only after it's done, assuming I can finish it over the next few days.
     Only one comics page, but it was a good one. I took an hour out from the prose work when I began to fear I wouldn't have enough prose wordage to even reach the 3 point mark. It was a nice break and I was able to go back to the superhero story with a refreshed eye.
     Truth is, this time I suspect the less than impressive production is due to the amount of good things on TV tonight. First a new Monk, followed by a new Battlestar, and then a new Sarah Conner Terminator, and finally the series premiere for Doll House (which was about as good as I suspected it to be, meaning not nearly as good as I'd hoped. I wish someone would tell Miss Dushku that acting doesn't mean constant movement. Her never-ending wiggling, even in the stand-ups when she was co-hosting the Friday on Fox event with Summer Glau, was annoying to beat the band. If nothing else, the one time she shouldn't have been constantly writhing was when she was giving the kidnap victim's father a speech about how reliable, accomplished and steady she was at the victim retrieval business. She seemed pretty nervous and unsure to me).

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  1. I liked Doll House, but I can see all of the structural problems with having a lead character that is a cipher. If your criticism of the hot girl is that she fidgets, that is amazingly thin. I would imagine it gets weak numbers on Friday and its four and out and on to DVD.

    I've been watching the first season of The Equalizer and its like a Who's Who of NYC actors from the 1980s. I'll have a rant about that coming soon.

    Anyway, I own third place here and the only question is whether Roberson will crush me like the rolling boulder from Raiders in the alternate very short version of the movie.