Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday's Output--1846 words

It may not seem like much, but this was a key scene, one of the first things I envisioned when I first came up with this idea. So, it's a big one. I am about to run into a real problem in that I didn't pack one of the books I need to write the upcoming chapter. What may happen today is a polish on what I've got so far, with tinkering as needed. Re-reading through some of the snippets tells me I've got some stuff to fix.
Today is another "getting stuff done in Toronto" day, which is a shame, because this city is a beautiful and urban thing. It's pieces and parts of San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, and just a pinch of New Orleans. Cathy and I have vowed to come back when (a) we've got time to just be tourists, and (b) when it's not colder than a well-digger's butt. Maybe we'll come up for one of the Jazz Festivals...
All of that aside, I am really excited with what I've got so far. Nothing like a grusome demise to kick the narrative into high gear. Despite this business trip, I'm glad I have been able to get something done and keep the forward momentum going. This week has been "all trip, all the time," and I really hope when I get back I can buckle down and bring my numbers up. I think everyone's goal is to get as far ahead of Roberson as we can. I know that's my aim. Know this: all of us, we have pulp writer speed in us. We proved it to ourselves in the past on the old CWSB projects. So, we know what we can all do. It almost always comes down to priority. We all can hit those modest goals set out for us at the start of the challenge, no problem. The only variable is what we choose to let take us away from that goal.


  1. Mark, are you being frisked in that photo?

  2. It was supposed to be an "artsy" headshot. I guess if there's NEA funding, then yes, I'm being frisked.