Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Progress Report, Day Eighteen

Better today than yesterday, but it would be hard to do worse.

Prose Writing: 4,002 Words.

Comics Writing: 3 Pages.

Notes: This was going to be an all comics writing day, but then it wasn't. I seem to be in a prose writing frame of mind for now. But I have to return to funnybooks or some artists are going to find themselves out of scripts soon. All of the work today was done while some truly great movies were on in the background, courtesy of TCM's day devoted to courtroom dramas, which is one of my favorite subjects for movies. And then they launched into a series of military court dramas and I was hooked. Would have been a bigger number if not for that, but who can really get work done while The Caine Mutiny and A Soldier's Story is on? Earlier today it was Anatomy of a Murder and Witness for the Prosecution. Yum! Breaker Morant is on in two hours and I wish I had a way to record it, or I was still young enough to stay up past my bedtime.


  1. Anatomy of a Murder is just terrific.

  2. Everyone in this marvelously written and directed movie was perfectly cast. As yum-inducing as Lee Remick is though, my favorite has to be the judge.