Monday, February 16, 2009

Progress Report, Day Fifteen

On the first day when it was possible, I decided to work the entire day, from morning to bedtime, and shoot for ten thousand. I didn't make it.

Prose Writing: 6,889 Words.

Comics Writing: 0 Pages.

Notes: In fact I didn't even come close. I worked all day, with breaks only for meals and for a few minutes here and there to clear my head. I didn't even watch the new episode of The Unit last night. I had four different stories to work on, counting the novel, and I switched back and forth as desired, only working on sections of each where I absolutely knew what needed to be written, where the entire passages were already crystal clear in my mellon. And I still fell short. After a certain amount of production my mind just turned listless, dull and uncooperative. I suspect there's an upward limit on how much prose I can write in a day and still do this day in and day out -- this is the full knowledge that I met folks at the last World Fantasy Con that could produce 20k words a day, every day. Or so they claimed. Not me.
     My new strategy is the old one. I'm going to produce my 5k a day, day in and day out, faltering no more, and try to grind out a win against those (I'm looking at you, Chris) capable of producing a ten point dash, but not able (one hopes) to do it every day for the next two weeks.
     But I have written a full comic script in a day -- not easily, but I've done it. Maybe I'll save one day to try that again and have at least one symbolic ten point day in the mix. Maybe.

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