Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Progress Report, Day Twenty Five

I knew going into it that this wasn't going to be a ten point day. Too many errands to run. I had to rush through other things just to get enough hours to do a five point day.

Prose Writing: 1,208 Words.

Comics Writing: 10 Pages.

Notes: I spent the entire prose part of the work day on Mars. Had to get some ideas down before they went away. Comics pages are likely to be the remainder of the contest for me. I wrote the history of Mister Dark today, along with a peek or two at the progress on Castle Dark.
     While running errands I spent some time thinking about things that might have been, but never were -- no doubt fueled by Chris' news (Roberson, not Oppy) that Phil Farmer died last night. He speculated quite a bit on that in his many stories. In honor of him I wanted to travel to that universe where I could read the other Tarzan books he wrote there and didn't get to write here. I also want to travel to that version of our world where Tom Selleck (be sure to watch him Sunday night) was able to get out of his Magnum PI contract and star in Raiders of the Lost Arc, and where John Wayne agreed to play Dirty Harry, where Harvey Keitel didn't get fired off of Apocalypse Now, and Bing Crosby agreed to play Columbo, and so on.
     At the same time I realize other folks like me are traveling to this version of the world from their versions, because they want to visit the bizarre world where Jimmy Hendricks actually opened for The Monkees, and Matt Sturges actually made it as a professional writer, which kept him from going into politics and plunging the western world into a World War to end all World Wars, and so on.


  1. I want a cabinet position in Sturges' bid to collapse Western civilization. Although, I don't know if I'm qualified.

    I don't have any tax problems. :(

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  3. Hi Bill,

    FYI, Tom Selleck was on the Daily Show, it was actually a really funny interview, you should check it out.

    -Chrissy Kistler