Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feb 25- The Parallel Indy

Day Twenty Five. I screwed off most of the day after I wrote another pitch. I'm struggling against the burnout here.

The Blood of the Gods- 1355 words

Watched Life. It's great, but largely abandoned. I read a few tweets on twitter which would seem to be a boon to stalkers. Then I watched another one of the episodes of An Unsuitable Job for a Woman. That Cordelia Gray is adorable! At first glance, I thought it would be like the 'Bridgetown' pitch that Willingham and I bullied Mark Finn into making. But it's different. And damn, those things are long.

I recently discussed an alternate Earth version of Raiders of the Lost Arc with my buddy Tim. We were discussing the one on the world run by rocks and the alternate ending where the boulder rolls down and crushes Indy at the end of the first set piece. And they we talked about how much that would improve a movie like the typical romantic comedy. Who doesn't want to see a boulder roll in from off camera and crush Kate Hudson? Or Jennifer Lopez? Or anybody who was ever on Gray's Anatomy? That could only improve movies, I think.

How long have I been awake?


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