Friday, February 6, 2009

Progress Report, Day Five. Feb 5

Bad day yesterday. My plan was a full prose helping and eight comic pages, to finish out an issue of JSA that Matt and I want to turn in today. Instead I barely made the minimum and went to bed far too late.

Prose Writing: 2611 Words.

Comics Writing: 5 Pages.

Notes: The prose chapter (Chapter 6 of the novel) should have gone quickly, but it didn't. By the time I was done, I'd used all of the prose half of my workday and half of the comics half. Then the comics work fought me all evening too. The fifth page was written in a fog of "I just want to quit and go to bed." But I got it done, went to bed too late, mocked from the Hollows by the antighosts of the two or three pages I'd left uncreated. Today they'll get their due, and maybe we'll get the issue turned in after all.

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