Saturday, February 7, 2009

Progress Report, Day Seven. Feb 7

Done a bit early today again and it was an all comic book day. I puttered a bit with the novel, did some more outlining and such, but no actual prose writing. Here's what I did do:

Prose Writing: 0 Words.

Comics Writing: 10 Pages.

Notes: It started raining at the halfway point of my constitutional today, which was of course when I was farthest from home. So I walked back in the downpour soaking wet. If I contract some horrible cold or pneumonia, that might let Sturges leap out to the lead. Actually that's the only way Sturges could leap out to the lead.
     The first six comics pages of the day were the last half of my half of the third JSA issue Matt and I are writing together. The other four comics pages were for one of the Fables issues of the Great Fables Crossover.
     I also created a new super villain, plotted lots of Fables related stuff, much of which has yet to be announced. And mapped out in broad strokes what happened to the new version of Dr. Fate, since Steve Gerber's final issue and when he shows up in his first JSA appearance.
     Good day. Now I have to go see if Monica's new rich boyfriend will become the Ultimate Fighting Champion, and then see if Jonathan Hemlock can get himself in shape for the Eiger expedition. He was able to the last time I read the book, but who knows about this time?

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