Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Progress Report, Day Four. Feb 4

Finished early again today, which is good, because I'm still tired from yesterday. Reading, relaxing and a little TV tonight. Then early to bed. Yum. Welcome to the Bill Report. I'm Bill and this is my report:

Prose Writing: 2843 Words.

Comics Writing: 5 Pages.

Notes: The novel writing went spiffy today. All the set up stuff has been done and now it's action, adventure, intrigue, drama, wild magic, and the occasional funny bit from now on, until the big denouement.
     I only completed five comics pages today, but it may well have been the most vicious black humor scene I've ever written. I read it over the phone to Matt, to see if I'd get that gold standard response of, "Do we dare do this?" and I got it, but also a sense of shock, followed by maniacal (guilty) giggling. Score. Of course it was a Jack scene.

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