Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feb 19- Burned Bones

Day Nineteen, and I got off to a Hellishly slow start. Okay, okay, to be totally honest, I sat down to work at 10PM CST. Still, I mowed down some words. Take that, cold.

The Blood of the Gods- 2762 words

In other news, Bones was okay and Burn Notice was excellent. Along the way, I tacked a few new notes to my page. There is one that says nice things about The Equalizer- Season One. There is one that says horrible things about a MONK tie-in book. Here is the guilty page--

And I name dropped a famous author whose name rhymes with SchMatthew Schturges in one of the posts. Willingham, feel free to throw rocks at me where you disagree. And Finn, good to have you back.


  1. Damn. I forgot to watch Burn Notice tonight. I knew there was something...

  2. Okay, so I went to your site, curious to see what you'd written about Sturges and I read down on some reviews that have popped up there since the last time I looked. Now here's just about a perfectly crafted line in Bill's review of the made for TV movie Stone Cold, based on the book by Robert Parker: "Tom Selleck stars as the fractured Jesse Stone demonstrating a casual Gary Cooperish confidence and grace." No decorations or needless flourishes, just the basic stuff told well enough to be a bit poetic in its economy.
    Write lines like that another 6,250 times and you've got a novel that can't be topped.

  3. Thanks.

    As soon as March 1 rolls around and I can slip the chain of this contest, I'll watch the other three of those movies. And even read a chunk of whats in my mailbox.

    Ironically, I've been so busy with my part of the contest that I haven't had time to yell at other freelancers.

    For now, I'm way far ahead of what I ever thought I could knock out in a month.

    Thanks again for the nice words,


  4. I can't believe how much television you guys watch....


  5. Yeah, it's odd people in the storytelling business paying so much attention to how others tell their stories. It's almost as strange (for example) as someone in the music business listening to a lot of other peoples' music.

  6. Heh. Bill's right. Doing the job and then constantly consuming other's work makes you want to tear your hair out one moment and clap the next.

    I think of TV watching as down time. And damnit we have good taste in the genre stuff. Let me talk about Burn Notice for a minute.

    I host a TV on DVD thing at my house one night a week. We watch classic comedies and other stuff from my library. One guest wanted to know about The Wire, so I went through the premise and we all watched the first one. It was a miss. By then it was late and we were vaguely unfilfilled. Somebody asked about 'that Bruce Campbell show'. I raved and plugged in the first episode of Burn Notice. Within ten minutes everyone was hooked. The premise is explained and there is a fight and a chase and the outline for the series is sketched in ten minutes. Burn Notice lives in the now. The Wire is a more satisfying show over time, but it gets off to a slow start. Watching TV with your friends is a great Rorschach test.

    In particular, I killed the day yesterday until I started writing, but from time to time I considered what I was going to do. So when I actually did sit down, I cranked out words at the Roberson Rate. Unfortunately, just like the real Roberson, in some spots there were so many typos that it looked like I was giving birth to a new language right there on the page. I did take time to fix it though.

    Today, I feel another late start coming on, but I know what's coming out on the page, so it should really move.


  7. It's fun to turn friends on to good stories. I remember in the old Clockwork days when Matt first encountered Zelazny (with some urging from one or two of the rest of us). Seeing that light go on is fun.

    Recently, when Matt was here in Vegas for our mini writing retreat I made him watch an episode of The Unit (not porn but a great porn title) and there was that light of "oh my this is good" again. It's fun to see your kids fall in love with the same stories you liked.