Saturday, February 21, 2009

Progress Report, Day Twenty

Matt Sturges just reminded me that I hadn't posted my results for yesterday, which was a fine thing to do, since I would have forgotten.

Prose Writing: 2, 222 Words. 

Comics Writing: 6 Pages.

Notes: I actually deleted 19 words of my prose output, so that I could have the parade-of-twos result. The comics work was all on the new project I can't reveal yet, but which Matt grilled me on (during the same call in which he reminded me to post these numbers), and got the whole poop. So question him about it, if you think you can get him to spill any beans. Since Matt is a notorious bean spiller, you may in fact get something from him. I'm not entirely cheating on the more pressing work I should be doing, because the art team is ready to go on this, and can use pages to start on as soon as possible.

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