Saturday, February 28, 2009

Progress Report, Day Twenty Seven

On final day minus one I had another ten point day.

Prose Writing: 0 Words.

Comics Writing: 21 Pages.

Notes: I was going to stop at 20 pages of comics script, but I had a thought and a scene that I wanted to finish. The other big work-eating call, that I was supposed to have to deal with, didn't happen, so my reprieve gave me the extra hours I needed to work through the day. Today has to be a big day too, since it's the last work day I get before I take far too much time off to move to Minnesota. I have to finish up the final two or five pages on several issues of this and that, including lots of Fables related projects, and one dangling JSA issue.
     After today boxes and packing and tossing out anything that isn't worth hauling across a continent rules my time and attention on a fairly exclusive basis. Hey, I just had an idea to make the packing more fun! We'll make a Clockwork contest out of it! For every box fully packed we get one point, and one point for every ten fragile items bubble wrapped! Two points for every heavy item of furniture hauled to the moving van! Sure, you other Tick Tock guys aren't actually moving, but you can just unpack the stuff after the contest is over and it will be great practice for the next time you do move!
     We can call it The Great March Moving Madness!
     How 'bout it, guys?


  1. Brother, if I have anything to say about it, I am *never* moving again.

  2. The biggest problem with packing that I run across old friends and find myself whiling away an hour or two rereading, or playing with the gadget. Packing dishes is fun though, I like packing the kitchen. I have so much fun wrapping all the dishes, and then you get to unwrap them at the other end. It's like Christmas with ugly paper.

  3. You're hilarious, Bill. And Cindy's okay too. ^_^


  4. Oh, I'm already on the hook for that part of the show. I just hope we can pack and go as fast as you think we can. I could use the down time on the back end.