Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb 24- Shot Down in San Diego

Day Twenty Four. I had a pitch shot down today. Went from steaks to cheesesteaks just like that. Now, I need a new pitch for a new crime thing. But in the mean time, I have something of a direction for the second third of the novel. It's a bit perverse, but I kind of like writing myself into corners. One of the bonuses of being your own boss.

The Blood of the Gods- 1561 words

Watched the Season finale of Leverage and want more. And I'm on twitter now at the cool kids table. But, will it last?

Then I watched one of the episodes of An Unsuitable Job for a Woman and it was supercool in a Brit kind of way. Now, sleep.


  1. Do you guys watch Heroes at all? I watch that show on-line every week and I thought that Monday's episode was very good. I don't own a television, but I can watch the episodes on-line, which is cool!

    Sorry to hear your pitch got shot down, but cheesesteaks are still pretty good! Esp. Philly ones!


  2. Chris,

    I am so burned out on Heroes (of the Super kind) that I have a hard time watching that stuff.

    Off to tweet...