Friday, February 20, 2009

Progress Report, Day Nineteen

Comics pages: 0
Prose words: 0

It's astonishing how few words I wrote yesterday, considering how much time I spent TYPING. It was a day of housecleaning, revisions, notes, edits, emails, and when it was finally time to start writing, I was late to pick up the young'un from Montessori School (or Monstressori school, as I can't help but think after Avenue Q). Planned to pick up the slack after the kids went to bed, but I fell asleep with the kids, woke up around ten-thirty, and was in too much of a daze to do much of anything at all. So, bleh.

Today should be better. There's always another day -- well, there's only nine more days, in this case. But still.

1 comment:

  1. This was the one stumble from you I needed. Now I cannot be stopped. My application to the Society of Evil Overlords is all ready to go, as soon as I can add this incident in the all important category of: Site one incident when you crushed your friends, extinguishing their hopes and dreams, stomping on their very souls. (Extra credit for causing the lamentation of their women.) Since Sturges has both a loving wife and two loving daughters, I think I can score pretty high on lamentation points.