Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb 16- Bestest Birthday Ever

Day Sixteen, and I have finished the last short story for this book which was the first short story I started at the Kipling House. I have about 90K words good to go for the new collection and I am very happy. Of course when I re-read it I may realize it is crap.

The Noble Serpent- 5160 words

So very tired after the BBQ and the drinking and then the dinner with Kate. Tomorrow, I start chipping away at the novel.


  1. 5 point day and you still got to enjoy your birthday! Fuckin' A! A plus, that is!

  2. If you can write at least 3,010 words tomorrow, you'll bring your WPD rating to the 3k range! Right now it's 2,999.

  3. Happy Belated. I would have liked to have been in town and bought a round or two. Maybe I can get you up here for my 40th this year, and we'll drink in the theater while watching The Big Lebowski.