Saturday, February 14, 2009

Progress Report, Day Fourteen

I'm back in the fives again.

Prose Writing: 4,188 Words.

Comics Writing: 3 Pages.

Notes: Most of the day was spent working on the superhero prose story whose title, I now believe, will be Or a Fortress Strong. Crafty Chris Opperman will tell you the reference. Just as with chapter titles for novels, I never quite settle on a story title until the thing is done. According to my crudely scrawled outline, I'm about halfway done with the tale. We'll see.
     The comics pages were one page of JSA and two pages that take place within the greater Fables fictional universe. How's that for being circumspect?
     I see that Bill Williams is stepping up to be a competitor for this thing. Good, because my trusty Clockwork Almanac has Sturges ready to flame out and give up any day now, and I seem to need someone nipping at my heels in order to keep motivated enough to turn in good numbers.
     Better be a damn fine prize, Shelly.


  1. Are you actually referencing an Olivia Newton John song with that title?

  2. Well, it was written by Gordon Lightfoot if it makes you feel better....

  3. Yes, Gordon Lightfoot. This very song was playing in the Sunnyside, Washington Rexall drug store at the moment I decided I was going to try to make a career of storytelling, if at all possible. I've had a particular fondness for it ever since. Its narrative deals with the nature of stories told and its generally just a fine song.

  4. Yeah, reading the lyrics while thinking about them in the context of your work was a real eye-opener for me. Gordon Lightfoot is an excellent songwriter.