Monday, February 9, 2009

Progress Report, Day Nine. Feb 9

Today was the run around and do everything that needed to be done and had nothing to do with getting writing done day. Had to turn the phone off for a while to get any time at all with the word building.

Prose Writing: 507 Words.

Comics Writing: 9 Pages.

Notes: Since I had to run errands in the car anyway, I mapped out the milage on my two possible morning walking routs. One came in just over 2.9 miles and the other just over 3 miles. Not too shabby for under an hour's walking time. I was going to do another all comics day, dividing the day up evenly with five Fables pages and five JSA, but the last JSA page just wouldn't come, so it was a dash through the previous six novel chapters to find what needed clarifying and expanding, and did that until I had my 500 words. The sixth chapter was called something else before today, but now its title is: In which no one actually got a pony. It wouldn't have been able to be called that, until I remembered one bit I wanted to do with this chapter but had left out the first time through.
     I see just below me that Matt finished all of his part of the JSA issue we plotted today. Good for him. I'd planned to get all 11 of my JSA pages done too, but then I couldn't stop working on Fables, for fear of forgetting an idea, and then, once I could finally concentrate on the other book, I ran into a hiccup with the JSA stuff. Matt will be impossible to live with for the next day or two because: A) he beat me by an entire page today, and B) he's ahead of me on the JSA work for the first (and only) time.
     Then again, it's now about a third of the way through this contest and just about time for the wives and families and such to start asking questions like: "Oh I hadn't realized you weren't planning on taking a single day off the entire month," in a tone of voice that really means, "Don't for a moment think you're going to get away with this nonsense for an entire month, Buster Brown." As soon as he takes his, "just one day off won't matter," I will zoom ahead so far no one can catch me.

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