Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pace Car, Playing Catch-up

Okay, I'm in. But I won't be able to start racing until the middle of the month, when I'll be writing the entirety of a short-story (an Israel-centric Celestial Empire story), and doing the first half of my next Warhammer 40K novel, Sons of Dorn. It's all prose, so I'll be using Bill's patented "5K Prose = 2.5K Prose + 5pgs Comics" conversion. My personal goal will be to match or beat everyone's monthly word totals by the end of the month. It seems like a long shot, so there's a chance that all I'll be doing is playing pace car for the serious contenders, but who knows? Maybe I'll surprise myself (and them, to boot).


  1. Then it's official. This is a full Clockwork participation stunt. Kreega! Bundalo!

  2. I think on the scoring the we need a number higher that 5000 words. Maybe more points for a 7500 word day.

    Whaddaya think?

  3. I think that it's fine as is, until the bonus scores come in to play when Chris enters the fray. If you continue getting points for more words written, then the goal becomes doing more and more each day (possibly letting quality suffer), rather than running a disciplined daily work schedule -- which was the whole point for starting this in the first place. Of course there's nothing wrong with doing more per day than the 5k (or its equivalent in funnybook script pages). If we all meet the minimum daily goals, then it does indeed go to a raw word count contest. So do go for 7500 a day.

    Anyway, that's what I think.

  4. You guys have got me lost. (Not that thats hard) If I understand how this works, its Fizzbin writing. YOu all do 5000 words a day, until Chris joins in, then it 7500 until the start of the new moon, the its 2680. Except on Tuesdays?

    Am I close

  5. I didn't make the limit any higher than 5k because that's what Bill/Matt wanted.

    However, when Chris joins the fray, there will be a bonus @ 10,000 words (to give Chris a fair shot at the prize).

    By that time, the writers who have been 'running' all along will know how to pace themselves while Chris tries to sprint.

    I'm pretty sure that the person w/the most words at the end will be the same person w/the greatest number of points, but I suppose we shall see!

    Anyway, Mr. Willingham is pretty much kicking all of your asses so you should stop reading this and get back in the shed. :)

    The Ref