Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb 2- There was Much Stabbing

Day Two (February 2), I wrote pages Twenty Three to Forty Four of the Merry Widow project. That's 22 web comic pages, which translates to 11 standard comic book pages.

Paying bills just sucked the life out of me. That and a huge lunch from Chipotle. Then it was loads of TV including an episode of The Equalizer where the bad guys dressed like extras from Mad Max. It was James Bond vs. The Warriors. And then The Jack Bauer Fun and Games Hour.

Anyways, some of this is posted here.

And I sort of look like I just got busted watching Beaches online.


  1. No Day two post from Matt or Mark? That's gonna cost em points with the judges. Particularly the Romainian judge. But then again, they really don't like anybody.

  2. lol. Brad, the reports are due the day after writing, it's just that Bill & Bill prefer to post theirs before they go to bed at night. Don't worry, I'm watching very closely! :)

  3. I look at it like I am clocking out.