Monday, February 2, 2009

Progress Report, Day Two. Feb 2

I'm going to knock off a tiny bit early today and catch up on some work-related reading. So here's my day two post:

Prose Writing: 2634 Words.

Comics Writing: 8 Script Pages.

Notes: Just barely squeaked over the prose minimum this time. I got to the first real funny bit in the new novel and it slowed me down some. Funny bits are harder to write in prose, where one doesn't have the very talented artist to rely on to make the comedy come alive. The timing (the most important part of comedy) is hardest to control in this medium as well. But I think I got it nailed down pretty good, after working at it for awhile. The third chapter of the novel is complete with today's writing. Since the thing is outlined at thirty chapters, give or take, I guess I'm about one tenth of the way home.
     The comics pages were all Fables pages again, and once again I knew just what I was going to write, so they went pretty quickly. Tomorrow's comic pages aren't quite so well mapped out, but even so I hope to get at least the minimum five done.

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