Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feb 2: 8 x 1621

Comic book pages: 8
Prose words: 1,621

Day two started off well -- I had five comic book pages done and a few prose words typed before the world started banging down my door. This one wanted corrections on a script; that one wanted the interview questions that I'd promised him a week ago. Suddenly I looked up and it was 5 pm! What do do!

At home, the wife had already made dinner, which is a welcome change of pace. She's not the chef of the family; I am. For some reason she persists in believing that it's because I hate her cooking, which isn't true. I just like my own cooking better.

After kids in bed, back to work. Three more pages of comics (just wrapping up House of Mystery 12) and to bed with a happy gleam in my eye.

Willingham's eventual defeat will be glorious in its humilitude. For I am capable of the possimpible!


  1. Sturges watched How I Met Your Mother last night.

  2. Possimpible sounds like some kind of teenage skin reaction.

    "Oh him? He just has a bad case of possimpible, we're getting him a cream for it, just try not to stare..."