Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Roberson's Report, Feb 2: 2,727 words

As I mentioned the other day, I won't be in the race full time for another couple of weeks, but I'm finishing off little side projects in the meantime, and don't see any reason not to track them here.

I did 2,727 words in finishing up a short-story entitled "Leaving Silence," which is also sneakily the first chapter of an epic fantasy entitled The Golden Throne.

Want to see a sample?
Twenty bodies remained unrendered when the first of them began to climb to its feet. The body in life had been that of a woman just past child-bearing years, clean-limbed and slim, but in death its movements were inelegant, shambling. The intelligence which now pushed and pulled the muscles was unused to the Real, unaccustomed to the tug of gravity at its feet and the pressure of air pushing in on all sides. As the chest rose and fell in ragged breaths, a rattling moan came from the body’s bloodied and split lips with every exhalation. No longer dead, the body could now be numbered among the undead.

“Brother Swift!” Wren called out. She had to warn the paladin about the undead, which even now was finding its footing.

Do not trouble yourself, proficient, came the words of Father Griffon, Sent directly to her thoughts. He knows.
I've tweaked my schedule a bit, and will probably be doing a bit more fiction writing later this week, before starting the outlining of the new Celestial Empire story, so I may rack up some more words in the next few days, after all.


  1. So should I count you as in? If you at least check in every day, you can wrack up the points you can until you start in earnest on the 15th. It'll make it easier for you to catch up. :)

  2. Sure, I'll try to post something every day (taunts towards the other contestants, if nothing else).

  3. Awesome! You're in. I won't ding you for not posting yesterday, but your WPD count has to start on the 1st to be fair to everyone else.

  4. If you did some writing on the 1st, I'll credit you for it. I want to be fair to everyone. :)

  5. Good. Chris is in early. Now my victory over him will be even more glorious!

    (Or at least my not coming in dead last this time will be kind of, sort of nifty.)