Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Since I can't post samples of the prose writing...

I can at least post a few glimpses of some of the things I had to look up in order to write the mysterious, unnamed novel. One is a picture of a municipal courthouse in a medium sized city. One is a picture of a public health complex in the same city. One is a chart of all of the glaciers in Norway. What do they all have in common? I can't say. You can't say either.
     But once again I have to wonder aloud at how any fiction writing was ever done before the internet in general and Google's image search in particular.


  1. I *know* I used to be able to write without having Google at my disposal, but for the life of me I can't remember *how*...

  2. Since your moving to Minnesota, you're going to be surrounded by Norse descendants. Hopefully this new work won'r be something that sets the Sons of Eric's blood boiling and they choose to turn your snow fort into a show funeral pyre.

    I've heard they have a temper.