Wednesday, February 4, 2009

About this snippets thing...

I finished the fifth chapter and passed ten thousand words on the new novel sometime during today's work, leaving only 60 to 70 k to go.
     Since I am still determined not to post snippets of the novel, or even reveal the title, because I promised not to, but since I am quite jealous of all of the enticing prose fragments the others are posting, for your oohs and ahs, I have decided to cheat just a bit and post one thing I didn't promise to forego -- a list of the chapter titles so far. Here they are:

Chapter One: In which we meet our hero and the fellows who might want to hire him.

Chapter Two: In which we determine to hold steadfast to the Bogey doctrine.

Chapter Three: In which we discover something about vampires and a passenger liner.

Chapter Four: In which we scout Indian country.

Chapter Five: In which we learn that Martin likes trains and alien invasions.

So there.

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  1. Never let it be said you lack an individual style, Bill. Seemingly descriptive but oh so vague and enticing...