Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Pitch Question


Okay, with a little arm-twisting I have someone at a publisher willing to read my Merry Widow pitch. I have a one page pitch document that outlines the lead characters and the basic conflict and the setting. But I am wondering, is that too short?



  1. As an opening salvo, a brief one-to-two page pitch is always the way to go. Start them with a one sentence summary. Give a paragraph or two that contains your 30-second elevator pitch. Give a couple of sentences about the main characters. If you have room, add a note about who it might appeal to: "This story is certain to appeal to fans of roller derby, softcore pornography, and John Updike."

  2. Brevity is your strong suit. You can sell it in one page or less. Simple and clear is the key. Let them know you can do more if they'd like to see more and that should take care of that.