Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Peter and Max

Since everyone else is posting snippets of their work, but I had to go and promise not to, for fear of jinxing the current novel by bragging too much about it before it's finished, I feel like I have to do something else to try to keep up.
     So here's Steve Leialoha's terrific cover design for Peter and Max, the Fables novel that will be coming out this year, in time for Christmas. This isn't the final version of the cover, but it's sort of like a color computer-aided sketch of what the cover will end up looking like (with a few tweaks and such along the way).
     Steve is also illustrating the interior of the novel, and the stuff he's handing in is glorious.
     Now, if only that hideous Fables logo they forced on me long ago ("These things have to be done by real graphic designers, doncha know. We can't let the writer do the logo.") would finally wither and die, I'd be a truly happy man. James Jean did a lot to help the logo by introducing the circles, but that was just a bandage on an arterial bleed. Such fixes don't last long.


  1. That looks so gorgeous, Bill. I really can't wait. Musical Fables! Yay!

  2. It's incredibly precious!
    A lot like old tale books style. I like it a lot!

  3. haha bill..........
    I will be looking forward to it ....
    i am trying hard to get me hands on writing as well