Friday, October 23, 2009

Wouldn't you like to be a Hero too? (sung to the tune of...)

For those of you familiar with, and perhaps playing the City of Heroes online game, you might be interested in this. The boys and girls who make the game hired me to create an adventure for it, as part of their new Guest Author program.

My adventure is called Quest for Magic and you can find it by going into one of the city's Architect centers -- where you get to build and play in your own adventures. Find the list where you get to shop for possible adventures you might want to play and the Guest Authors adventures will be at the top. I'm the second one down, just after the merely amazing Scott Kurtz of PVP fame.

And watch for other interesting adventures to come, from some of the best of the fantasy and science fiction and comic book creators, including the other members of Clockwork Storybook. In the coming month look for new adventures from Mark Finn, Bill Williams, Chris Roberson, and maybe even Matt Sturges, if he learns to mind.

I'll be introducing some of the City of Heroes guys to some of the writing folks out at the World Fantasy Convention next week, and who knows what famous author might create some lovely and interesting characters you can pound the living crap out of for your entertainment and enjoyment?

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