Monday, October 12, 2009

Days 10 and 11: Circling Back

Day 10 was a bit frustrating, what with all the "spending time with my kids" and "being a husband" I had to do. Don't these people have lives? They just don't get that I'm in a meaningless writing competition and that this must take precedence over nonessentials like cooking dinner and reading to them. These kids can both mostly read anyway; I don't know what they need me for.

So Day 10: 2,822 words of le novel.

Day 11 was all about revisions. For a time there I was about 500 words in the hole, as I chopped a lot of deadwood out of part one. But then all the little tidbits and odds and ends that I'd been slipping in along the way started to add up, and I ended up with a net of 846 for the day.

Day 11: 846 words.

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