Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day Twenty One- Story Splinters in my Eye

I made the weekly trip to the comic shop and today when asked, I explained the problem I have with certain titles in a 'family' of books. I read some comics because I like the character and some because I like the writer or artist or whatever. SuperGirl has been the only one of the Superman Family titles that I have stuck with for reasons that are leaving me rapidly. The last three issues are a perfect example of a way to lose readers. SuperGirl #44 is part 3 of a story concluded in another title. SuperGirl #45 is part of a story started in another title and SuperGirl #46 is the conclusion of that same story. By tying every title in to the current meta-story arc, the work discriminates against casual readers and makes the comic maddeningly insular even to long time readers like me.

Reading a title like SuperGirl is like reading every fourth chapter of a novel. It is an unsatisfying experience and it does not bear repeating.

Did some more inking today, finishing a page and even managed a little writing work on the OGN. The inking is for the next SideChicks story and I am far enough ahead to consider releasing a digital version of the work ahead of its release as a webcomic. But that just feels wrong, like the release of the Spider-Woman motion comics on Hulu before the release of the print comics.

If I can take a minute, Matt Sturges' new novel Office of Shadow is excellent and you should all rush out and pre-order it here. It is a great read.

3 comic page--> 1500 words.

Daily total 1500 words. Running total 23,145 words.


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  1. Having just completed the Great Fables Crossover, wherein we basically forced our readers to do exactly what you're decrying, it would be the height of hypocrisy for me to agree with you. But I do. In my own defense, about the Fables thing, at least that was clearly the exception, rather than the rule. The worst thing about the Supergirl-as-part-of-the-greater-Superman-family-of-titles policy is that it is standard policy now.

    DC is rolling the dice with what seems to be a "read everything or read nothing" ultimatum. As much as I admire any vast corporate entity to take a big chance from time to time, I wonder if this is the right chance to take and I wonder how it will turn out.