Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day Six- A Three Hour Tour...

Today, I had a three hour task that kept me away from home and the computer until 7PM. Then I had to do a little color for SideChicks. Bottom Line, Sturges extends his lead by a metric arse load.

The man in this photo is Steve Lieber and he was on the set of WHITEOUT. Kind of reminds me of the last shot of John Larroquette in STRIPES.

1 comic page--> 500 words.

Daily total 500 words. Running total 6135 words.

Favorite Panel from yesterday-

Panel Four

Dagny is making a face behind the scarf. Her eyes are wide and she is more than a little scared.

Caption (Dagny): Oh, carp.

Caption (Dagny): I blew up the Porsche.


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