Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 15: Clashing toward Babel

Somehow I managed to complete 10,332 words of the novel yesterday. It was a second-wind kind of a burst which I hope will now cushion the remainder of the book, which is just a meager 19,000 words from the finish line, which leaves me plenty of time for revisions and twiddling and so forth before the deadline. I am a happy, happy man, with sore fingers.

This brings my monthly total to a preposterous 72,994 words.


  1. At this point, since the month is barely half done, you should shoot for a 100k word month, even if you have to start another novel to do it. When again are you ever going to be in striking distance of a 100k word month? This smacks of a once-in-a-lifetime possibility. And imagine the bragging rights at World Fantasy when you casually drop "Oh, I wrote a hundred thousand words this month" into conversation with those hot genre girls.

  2. I agree.

    At least you could bang out the comics pages to bring up the averages and put the Editors at bay for a few weeks.