Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day Fourteen- Dept. of Corrections

So, I am getting crushed here. I'm the stable pony for Sturges to run circles around in this writing exhibition. I make him look better and I am fine with that. But looking around, I'm wondering if this is a two-man writing group now. Willingham gets a pass as he was over in Israel trying to catch shrapnel. Roberson? Finn? Where is your committment to humoring Sturges?

Got the new comics and pecked away at the corrections on the new four-issue mini-series. The studio has fewer notes than the editor. What if anything does that mean? Anyway, I finished the easy issue and nibbled at the edges of the others. And went to Sturges signing at Dragon's Lair which went pretty well.

And knocked out a boring talking-head page of the OGN.

1 comic page--> 500 words.

Daily total 500 words. Running total 18,135 words.

(Only 45,000 behind.)


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