Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day Three- DEXTERiffic

Watched a little football in spite of the UT bye week. Watched a couple of episodes of DEXTER from the Third Season. Why, oh why do people try to be the serial killer's best friend? Does that ever end well? Dexter Morgan is an evil Ginger Ninja. And he makes me laugh.

Enjoy this image of the Flag of the Earth that I stole from Warren Ellis.

3 comic pages--> 1500 words.

Daily total 1500 words. Running total 3135 words.

Page Three

Panel One

In this wide panel that stretches across the top of the page, Dagny has that cranberry juice in a tall glass in front of her. She is glancing with disdain toward Ashley's back. Ash is listening to a streak of terrible pickup lines from Alan from which we are mercifully spared.

Caption (Dagny): Ash does this everytime we go out.

Caption (Dagny): She waits until I'm ready to leave and then she gets tangled up with some loser.

Caption (Dagny): Bottomless. Needy. Pit.

Panel Two

Dagny is rubbing her eyes as Alan is going on. Ash is loving the attention.

Alan: I hope you know CPR, because you're taking my breath away.

Caption (Dagny): Where are my snipers?

Off panel (Dennis): What are you drinking?

Panel Three

Dagny is a little surprised to look up and see Dennis has come up on the other side of her at the bar. Dennis is a little nerdy and intentionally casual in his sportcoat and untucked button down shirt.

Dagny: What?

Dennis: Whatever that is... It looks, I dunno, festive.

Dagny: It's a virgin Cape Cod.

Panel Four

Dennis is shaking Dagny's hand as they share something like a moment.

Dennis: Nice. My name's Dennis.

Dagny: Dagny.

Dennis: Wow. Like the...

Dagny: Yup. That's me.

Dennis: Wow.

Panel Five

Alan leads Ashley away from the bar and toward one of the balconies. Dagny totally misses this as she talks to Dennis.

Dagny: You already said that.

Dennis: I did.

Dagny: You look fairly normal, how do you know these people?

Page Four

Panel One

Dennis is fidgeting and straightening his hair as he talks to Dagny who is taking a sip of her drink.

Dennis: I'm a playwright.

Dagny: How's that going?

Dennis: Its feast or famine. You?

Panel Two

Dagny smiles and jerks a thumb over her shoulder at where she thinks her friend is still standing. Now, a guy with an intentionally bad moustache in a bowling shirt and a straw pork-pie hat is standing and waiting for the bartender.

Dagny: I'm a research assistant for a law firm. Its steady work. People are never going to stop suing each other.

Dagny: I'm with Ashley here.

Dennis: Who?

Dagny: Ash is a model...

Panel Three

Dagny is staring at the guy with the bad moustache who is staring back at her. Her drink is on the bar next to her hand. The bartender is staring at the both of them and wishing he had stayed in college.

Dagny: And she was just here.

Moustache: Hello.

Panel Four

Dagny leaves the bar without her drink and Dennis looks on. He has just been ditched. The guy with the bad moustache is talking to the bartender.

Dennis: She headed for the balcony.

Dagny: Thanks.

Panel Five

Alan is taking a pair of champagne glasses off of the tray of a waitress by the glass doors to the balcony. Dagny is half-way across the bar and heading their way.

Caption (Dagny): Oh no, champagne.

Caption (Dagny): That's Ashley's kryptonite. Right behind skinny cowboys and Irish Car Bombs.

Page Five

Panel One

This wide panel is the most important of the chapter. We see from left to right. Dagny reacting in shock in the reflection of a polished surface like a wide glass door. The reflection of Alan with his hands over the champagne glasses. There is a little circle in one of the glasses creating a lot of fizz. Alan's back is to the viewer. Ashley is on the balcony looking off at the city at night.

Caption (Dagny): WTF?

Panel Two

Dagny is still in shock as Dennis comes up toward her from behind.

Caption (Dagny): Did I just see that?

Caption (Dagny): Did that guy just drop something into her drink?

Caption (Dagny): WTF?

Panel Three

Dennis is standing there feeling like a hero for bringing Dagny's drink to her. Dagny is slowly regaining her grip on the world. She is subtly pointing at Alan and Ashley on the balcony.

Dennis: You left this at the bar.

Dagny: Who is that creep?

Dennis: That's Alan Aikman. He was up for a Best Supporting Emmy a few years back. He goes to all of these things.

Panel Four

Dagny has a one-handed grip on his jacket collar and she is pulling him in close so he can hear her clearly. Her other hand leads the eye to the balcony.

Dagny: He just put something in her drink.

Dennis: No way. Why would he...?

Dennis: Oh.

Panel Five

Dagny has her hands on her hips. Dennis is still a few mental steps behind and a bit confused.

Dagny: You have to do something.

Dennis: Me?

Dagny: Do you think I'd make this up? Do you think I'm crazy?


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