Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day Thirteen- Color Commentary

Again with the rain and the fog. I spent a large chunk of the day coloring the SideChicks page for tomorrow. And having the ribs at Hoovers and a short nap. Then got a little time at the keyboard. The first major combat in the new book is done. This may be a hero/ horror book, but the pacing feels like a manga book.

Gonna spend time doing the final edits on the video presentation tomorrow and bothering Sturges at Dragon's Lair at his signing. Looks like its hard for me to get focused unless there is a check dangling somewhere out there.

Speaking of that, I got my long-awaited notes tonight, so it looks like I'll be working on stuff that is unquantifiable in terms of the writing exhibition we're in here. The notes from the editor are pretty significant, so it looks like I'll be rewriting an entire issue of the mini-series tomorrow.

This illo is Eddie Hope from the back-up series written by me and starting in ANGEL #28 by back-up series artist David Messina. Order Now.

11 comic pages--> 5500 words.

Daily total 5500 words. Running total 17,635 words.


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