Friday, October 2, 2009

Day Two- Happy Birthday Matthew!

Screwed off most of the day before working on the new comic book project and came up with three pages of notes that outline the first few chapters. I may follow the new process and then write a pitch and look for a home for it. I have screwed up work habits. Somehow, I wrote a measly 2 comic pages--> 1000 words.

Daily total 1000 words. Running total 1635 words.

Page One

Panel One (half splash)

Dagny Parker and Ashley Rankin are in the ladies room in a posh restaurant/ lounge. They are primping in the mirror. Dagny is checking her hair and Ashley is touching up her lipstick. They are both dressed for a night on the town, but Dagny is more conservatively dressed and Ashley is showing a little too much skin. Dagny has light brown hair which is styled to give a quick modern look. When the light hits it right, she has a verticle scar over her left eye which clips her eyebrow. She is fit and cute. Ashley has long dark hair and works as a model. Ashley is just a little drunk.

Dagny: You okay, Ash?

Ashley: You know me Dagny, I hold my liquor.

Title: Free Falling
Part One of The Lucky Ones

Credits: Writer- Bill Williams, etc.

Panel Two

Dagny and Ashley have finished with the mirror and give each other a fist bump, possibly the whitest fist bump in the history of mankind.

Dagny: I know The Legend of Smashley.

Ashley: Smashley rules.

Dagny: Let's take one last pass and get out of here.

Panel Three

Dagny and Ashley have left the ladies room and are walking away from the closing door. Ash is pulling at Dagny's arm.

Ashley: Noooooooo.

Dagny: It's one o'clock and I have to work in the morning.

Ashley: These are my people. We have to close the place down.

Panel Four

Dagny is looking at someone ridiculous off-panel. She is mildly amused.

Dagny: These are your people. Film people.

Dagny: Me. I like movies. Less pretense.

Page Two

Panel One (another big damn panel)

We get a nice establishing shot as Dagny and Ashley are re-entering a swanky bar. Hipsters and starlets and nerdy writers are mingling thanks to that wonderful invention: alcohol. Alan Aikman is at the bar surveying the crowd. He is a vaguely creepy middle-aged actor and he will become important later.

Ashley: These meet-ups are good for my career.

Dagny: You get plenty of modeling work now.

Ashley: But those are just parts. Hands, legs, whatever. I want to use all of me.

Dagny: The world might not be ready for that.

Panel Two

Alan oozes an oily charm as he makes eye contact with Ashley who appreciates the attention.

Alan: Are you here for the Miss Universe contest? While we're waiting, could I buy you a drink?

Ashley: Heh. Sure.

Caption (Dagny): Oh God.

Panel Three

Dagny, all but forgotten, leans against the bar and talks to the overly tattooed bartender.

Dagny: Cranberry juice.

Bartender: Woah. You're not driving are you?

Dagny: Ha.

Dagny: Ha.


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