Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Days 18 & 19: Winding Down

So I sprinted to within spitting distance of the finish line on ye olde novel, and am now limping across, what with the hours upon hours of revisions over the past couple days. Which means that what with the adding and subtracting of stuff it's hard to know exactly how much I actually wrote during that time (the current word count is about 600 words less than it was when I started yesterday. I'm a firm believer in the "write a lot, cut a lot" school of writing).

A safe (but incomplete) estimate, counting only big discrete chunks written over the last two days, is:

Day 18: 1,223 words
Day 19: 2,262 words

For a grand total of: 92,315. The final two chapters should kick me up over 100K, and then I can collapse, spent but proud.

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