Sunday, October 25, 2009


so, i am one of the newbie members of CS and couldn't be happier (or more honored). my name is Marc Andreyko, author of stuff - including the critically-acclaimed and oft-cancelled Manhunter, Torso (w/ some guy named Bendis), The Lost, Casefiles: Sam and Twitch, Streets of Gotham, Blade, Wolverine, Dr. Strange, blah, blah, blah... and the usual TV/movie nonsense (i'm an Angelino). Oh, and how could i forget?, an upcoming book for Dynamite co-authored by me and Bill Willingham!!!!!

likes: dirty jokes, blu-rays, john waters, john irving, sushi, and Chris Evans sans shirt.

dislikes: overhyping, avocados, blood sausage, "my super sweet sixteen", and bipolar stalkers.

thanks for having me!

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  1. Marc, welcome aboard. I too hate overhyping avocados. Avocados should only be mildly hyped. What happened to simple modesty, I ask you?