Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day Four- The Shorttimer

Took a nap and wrote a little with a ballgame on in the background. Headed out early to shoot a music video tonight. Will be rubbing shoulders with dancers & musicians at a mansion somewhere in town. Probably be gone until the wee small hours.

The rest of the script is a bit classified, so you'll have to take much on faith from here.

Today's random image is Cary Grant from To Catch a Thief. The man wore a suit.

3 comic pages--> 1500 words.

Daily total 1500 words. Running total 4635 words.

Page Six

Panel One

Dennis is talking as he decides to trust this girl he just met moments ago. A risky move for him. Dagny is painfully sincere. She is convinced that she can do anything.

Dennis: Well... I...

Dennis: No.

Dagny: Look. I just need somebody to watch my back.

Panel Two

Dennis stands a little taller, being totally comfortable with the second position. Dagny is convincing him as Alan and Ashley move along the balcony toward another exit, one separate and distant from the one occupied by Dennis and Dagny.

Dennis: I can do that.

Dagny: You stall him and I'll pull her away.

Dennis: What then?

Dagny: I dunno. I make these things up as I go along.

Panel Three

Dennis and Dagny have turned and are heading for the balcony. The slight scar over her eye is showing.

Dennis: Sounds like I'm on a suicide mission.

Dagny: That's a little over-dramatic.

Dennis: Seems fitting for the room.

Dennis: What if we get separated?

Panel Four

Out on the balcony, they see Ashley being pulled through the other exit from the windy perch above Manhattan. Dagny is leading Dennis to the other door. She has a look of grim determination.

Dagny: I work for Neil Durst.

Dagny: Catch me there.

Panel Five

A giant black bodyguard complete with the black suit and earpiece steps into their path. His name is Reese and he knows exactly what he's doing.

Reese: Excuse me. Mister Aikman prefers to ride the elevator alone.

Dagny: What elevator?

Panel Six

Dennis remembers a few of the aspects of the lounge space. Its a good party trick.

Dennis: The elevator is about two steps from here.

Page Seven

Panel One

Dagny is inches away from Reese and it looks like she is inches from being crushed like a bug.

Caption (Dagny): Sure, I could kick this guy's ass, but this isn't the place.

Dagny: Fine.

Panel Two

Dagny leads Dennis a few steps away from Reese. She has her back to the big man who seems to be proud of the job he is doing.

Dagny (whispered): You head through the other door and make a run for the elevator.

Dennis (whispered): Its going to be hard to run on broken bones.

Panel Three

They are moving along the balcony to the door they originally came out through. Their backs are to Reese and we still see him.

Dagny: Just distract him while I make an end run. I just need a second.

Dennis: I'll run and duck.

Dagny: Thanks. I mean it.

Panel Four

Dagny is pulling a scarf from her purse as Dennis shoots through the open door.

Dagny: Good luck.

Caption (Dagny): Poor guy.

Caption (Dagny): How often do you meet a guy willing to get a black eye for you?

Panel Five

With a scarf in hand, Dagny takes a running start and leaps over the rail high above the street.

Caption (Dagny): Ashley's going to get a curfew for this.

Caption (Dagny): Assuming she's not in a car trunk by now. I can't let that thought in.


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