Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 12: Write Yourself into a Corner

I think it's a good idea to write yourself into a corner sometimes. It's a great way to get around a mental block, especially if you feel like your story is getting too predictable. Put your character in an impossible position and see how he gets out of it. If nothing else, it'll force you to consider other avenues your story might go down. Or it'll force you to scrap that entire section of the story and rewrite it the way you intended. There's really no telling.

Day 12: 5,353 words. It seems like I'm getting closer to the end of the novel, until I realize how much more story need to go in it. I keep revising the target word count upward and upward. I should have killed that fucking political maneuvering subplot but now I like it too much and the ending won't work without it. Well, serves me right for caring, doesn't it????

Today's photo of me, by the way, is actually not a photo at all, but a picture my daughter drew (unsolicited) of me as a Jedi knight.

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