Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day One- Happy Fiscal New Year!!!

Got caught up running errands and paying bills today. Watched a little TV. Then did a longish podcast in support of the new run on the ANGEL comic series. Almost no output. Stretched a scene where Gulliver escapes from a dungeon cell. General clean-up on the existing text. Had to look up correct spelling for 'eunuch'.

Got bounced from a screenwriting contest. My scene scored 85. People scoring 93 or higher moved on. Pretty happy with the 85.

Finally have a decent idea for some new comic book work. Inspired by the tone of the recent HELLCAT mini-series by K Immonen. Might play with this tomorrow. Waiting for notes on the completed four issues of the new comic mini-series for IDW. Pretty sure that rewrites don't count toward the daily totals.

Typing this like Rorschach.

Hurm. 635 words.


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