Monday, October 19, 2009

Day Nineteen- Jack of at Least Three Trades

Realized that I would not bust out 100K words this month and more or less took the weekend off.

I managed to get a little prose pecked out today. And I inked a SideChicks page for the next story and did a little color work on the one scheduled to run on Wednesday. Usually, I start on the Wednesday strip on Tuesday night. A Monday start is crazy early for me.

Watched Big Bang Theory and Castle which were good, not great. Fillion makes the show and the humor work. Plus there is typically at least one clever 'detective' thing per episode. Tempted to get the book by 'Castle'.

Feeling pretty productive for not getting much done today. Maybe it is the early start on the next color page.

1 comic page--> 500 words. 1010 Prose wordyness.

Daily total 1510 words. Running total 21,145 words.


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