Sunday, December 14, 2008

Things I should be working on today...

Contrary to what my editors may believe, I'm almost always working. However, I'm almost never working on what I should be working on. Today for example there are many pressing things that should be done. There are not one but two different issues of Fables (one each for two different artists) I should finish up. There is a sword and sorcery prose story that needs finishing, and there's also a superhero prose story that needs finishing. Both of those stories have homes waiting for them in two different anthologies to be published next year. But I'm not working on any of those things. Today I'm working on a novel that has no specific deadline. And yet it's what I want to do today.
Fellow Men of Clockwork, what are you working on today? And is it the same as what you should be working on today? Why or why not? Or is it even possible that you're taking a day off? Time to fess up. It's confessional day at Clockwork Storybook.

1 comment:

  1. I have been watching cartoons with Georgia, washing dishes, and coloring with crayons in a thirty year old coloring book. That's about as productive as I've gotten today.