Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How Batman Saved Christmas

By Bill Williams

Note to ARTIST- This is a very short story and storytelling is compressed so please use the space wisely.

Page One

Panel One

In the far back ground, we see the outlines of Gotham City. This scene is set in a narrow alley in an older part of the city where the construction is the older brick and exposed fire escape type. There are two important things in the panel, one should go in the foreground and one in the near background. One item of interest is a padlocked rollup type security door, the type that covers a less secure door. The other item of interest is the lead player in our little drama. There is a second-rate thief in a third-rate Santa suit looking for a score and moving toward the secure door. Let's call him Lenny. Well, Lenny is creeping toward the security door carrying a duffel bag and a large crowbar.

Panel Two

Lenny looks around as he stands next to the rollup security door. He seems confident and his Santa-beard is hanging around chin level.

Cat (off-panel): M- rrrrrow.

Panel Three

Lenny has the crowbar wedged into the space between the hasp and the lock and is attempting to break thru the door.

Panel Four

The familiar bat-shadow falls across the floor of the little alleyway. Lenny sees this and is shocked.

Panel Five

Lenny runs like the devil himself is behind him. The crowbar is abandoned in the door and he is clutching the duffelbag like it is a life preserver as he runs into the night.

Panel Six

There is a fat house cat sitting on the roof's edge next to the little alleyway. He is throwing a shadow on the secure door which has the crowbar jutting out into the alley.

Cat: M- rrrrrow.


Okay, since I have been called out, here is one of the posts I'll be, uh, posting for the holidays. More to come soon.

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