Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Today, I'm not doing much. I caught the last of the Cowboys/ Giants game and then I indulged. I had bought the DVD for the 24:Redemption television movie last week and I watched it tonight and it was big fun. Jack Bauer has drifted to Africa and trouble has followed. And then Jack killed 27 people. The movie was more like one of the better seasons and less like the weak seasons. No high tech stuff. No CTU. The DVD extras reminded me of how time-wastingly Shakespearean the last season was. The stuff from the upcoming season looks good.

Anyway, I have a book pitch to work up this week. The characters from the different threads of the Clockwork Bride book are crashing into each other in the new book and the first few chapters are pretty fun. Now, I need to write the accompanying pitch documents.

On Tuesday, I'm taking a cute girl to a rifle range to teach her to use a revolver. She lives in a tough neighborhood and wants to be able to defend herself. I'll let you know how it goes. And if I spring any new holes.


  1. Please make that one of your autobiographical funnybook stories. I smell comedy gold in them thar hills. Provided you don't spring a leak.

  2. Actually bringing young ladies to the gun range for her first ever experience shooting any sort of firearm has been an occasional great date for me. I could always be pretty sure this is something no other fellow has ever taken her out to do before. Those of us shorted on the heart-stoppingly-handsome supplies have to learn to be more inventive than those pretty boys.

  3. Or should I have said, "those vapid pretty boys?" I never know how snotty to get, now that I'm trying to be a better fellow.