Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In the spirit of Christmas...

We haven't been posting much here in the past few days, which is understandable, given that we, like most everyone, have lots of last minute things to do before Christmas. And, because we here at Clockwork Central are all freelancers to boot, we don't actually get these days off, as so many who work in offices do. We have to fit in all of those last minute pre-Christmas tasks and errands around our not-to-be-delayed regular deadline service. Get it? We've been busy. Okay, those are our litany of excuses for being scarce here of late -- now to the point of this post.
Bountiful Bill Williams, obviously overripe with the Christmas Spirit (which he gets bottled and by the case) volunteered us in an article already published (therefore no chance to reconsider) to be one of many online sites that promise new content here on Christmas day. Then, understanding that forgiveness is always easier to get than permission, he informed the rest of us after the fact -- after the deed was done.
So it looks as if we're are indeed going to have new content here on Christmas Day. What is it you're going to find here? New, original prose stories -- possibly on a Christmas theme -- at least one each by each of us Tick Tock Men. And let me say right now, since he got us into this commitment, that Bill Williams' story better be the longest, best and biggest of the whole bunch, or we will exact dire penalties.
So, after you've woken up on Christmas Day, after you've unwrapped the gifts under the tree, played with the new toys and already gotten bored with them, after you've had a bountiful dinner and spent good hale-fellow-well-met time with your family and in-laws, and finally (gratefully) shuffled them out your front door, then do please feel welcome to come by here and see what we have for you.

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  1. So I publically and accidentally put all of us on the hook for new material on a Holiday with no notice and somehow I'm the bad guy? WTF?

    Okay, sir, you have thrown down the gauntlet and I'll put gravy on it and eat it. And I'll make up something for Christmas. (Not an excuse, a story with punctuation and everything.)