Saturday, January 31, 2009

Okay, now this has gotten interesting.

Bill Williams is onboard, so where are the final two Tick Tock Men? I'm looking at you, Finn. I'm looking at you, Roberson. What are your writing plans for February?
     Don't have enough comics work in the docket to match the 2500 and 5 plan? That's fine. In my daily work plan, which I'll post below, I've basically worked out that one page of comic book script will take me about as long as 500 prose words (one hour for each). So, if you complete a total of 5k prose words a day, we'll count that the same as our 2500 and 5. If that seems a harsh trade for those of you following at home, you should note that Chris is more than capable of a sustained 5k per day writing output. He's a horrifyingly speedy scribe. Any less of a daily goal and Chris would be able to smoke all of us easily.
     And what about Finn? He's complained to me more than once recently that he needs to hunker down at the word processor. This is the time, Finn! The moment to step up is now!

Here's my planned daily schedule:

7 AM: Wake up.

7 - 8 AM: Morning wake up constitutional, outdoors (weather permitting), or on a treadmill at the local Community Center.

8 - 9 AM: Shower and breakfast, check email and attend to all of the other preliminary nonsense of the day.

9 AM - 2 PM: Prose writing at a rate of 500 words per hour.

2 - 3 PM: Lunch.

3 - 8 PM: Comics writing at a rate of one full script page per hour.

8 PM: Dinner, followed by any catch-up work for previous days' missed goals, or prep work for the next day's goal. If no extra work needs doing, then it's official goof-off time; reading; TV; or maybe a quick door mission in City of Heroes.

11 PM: Bedtime for Billy.

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